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Mogyi Triatlon SE - June 28, 2007

The Mogyi Sports Club in Baja has been among the best triathlon clubs in Hungary for years. The association managed by Miklós Borbély coach proved to be best in our country two years ago, last year it closed at the second place in the table of scores of the triathlon association. It is no accident, since Mogyi SE is one of the most populous and most successful triathlon clubs in our country: at present it may be proud of one world champion title, seven gold medals from European Championships, furthermore dozens of silver and gold medals acquired in international competitions, as well as more then one hundred Hungarian Champion titles and places. From among the sportsmen of Mogyi SE a dozen are members of the national teams in their age groups and those of the adults’ national team.

The triathlon club of Baja has had the name of Mogyi Sports Association for exactly ten years, since 1997. During these ten years due to the effective support of Mogyi Kft – and now with the name of Mogyi SE – the triathlon club of Baja became from the tiny club having hardly ten persons to one of the most successful associations in Hungary and Europe, the number of its registered sportsmen approximates one hundred at present. The best example for the excellent relationship between the club and the company is one of the owners of Mogyi Kft., who is also a racer of Mogyi SE: Imre Kenyeres performed the longest-distance triathlon competition and thereby became an Ironman in 2006.

(The Ironman-competition is the peak of the triathlon, where the man-testing distance consisting of 3.8 km swimming, 180 km cycling and finally 42.195 km marathon has to be performed uninterrupted without a rest. Those getting into the finish are received similarly extraordinarily like the Spartan heroes, as well as they get the title of Steelman, Ironman. At present Imre Kenyeres is the only Ironman racer of the Mogyi Sports Association.)

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